Super moist W Washing

Labo Labo Super Moist W-Washing 120g


One step makeup removal and facial wash.

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Product Description

A foaming cleanser that combines the 2 steps of “makeup removal” and “facial wash” in 1 step.
*May be used on bare skin as a regular facial wash.

Carefully selected cleansing and cleaning ingredients

With plant-based soap as the main ingredient, this product also contains amino acid cleaning ingredients that foam well.   This facial wash created according to our unique formula combines cleaning power with gentleness on the skin.   Both the “cleansing ingredients” that remove oil-soluble residue such as makeup and sebum and the “cleaning ingredients” that remove water-soluble residue are 100% plant-based (palm tree derived).

The concept of “caring for the skin while washing the face”

Contains ingredients that are optimal for first aging (initial signs of aging) care “5H x 5C (5 types of hyaluronic acid / 5 types of collagen) * This is the first product of its kind in Japan to simultaneously contain this many types of ingredients!”, “EGF”, “3 types of domestic plant ingredients”.  “Licorice leaf extract” gives the skin resilience from within with its  collagen production promotion properties and fibroblast proliferation promotion properties , alleviating lines and working to improve barrier functions by promoting ceramide production.   In addition, “Lipidure®”, which has a higher water-retaining capacity than hyaluronic acid creates a membrane over the surface of the skin, trapping moisture onto the skin even after the product has been washed off.   Refreshed after cleansing, the skin feels dewy and moist.

Feartures & Benefits:

  • Cleanly remove makeup and dirt with just one wash!
  • The first product of its kind in Japan to contain a luxurious combination of 5 types of hyaluronic acid and 5 types of collagen for abundant moisture.
  • Creamy foam for a clean finish.