Labo Labo Super Moist UV Cream 25g


No fragrance / no colorings / no mineral oils / paraben-free.

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Product Description

A sunblock cream rich in beauty ingredients that treat dryness and dark spots

Uses a micro-capsule ultraviolet absorber that is gentle on the skin.  Ultimate comfort that does not stress the skin.

In the modern world, where ultraviolet rays become stronger year by year, sunblock is a necessity.  Super-Moist UV-Cream uses a micro-capsule ultraviolet absorber.  This capsule is not crushed on the skin, and as it does not come in direct contact with the skin, it does not stress the skin.  So light when applied that it is hard to believe it is a sunblock, this cream contains enough beauty ingredients to rival a essence.

Rich in beauty ingredients

Contains ingredients that are optimal for first aging (initial signs of aging) care  “5H x 5C (5 types of hyaluronic acid / 5 types of collagen) * This is the first product of its kind in Japan to simultaneously contain this many types of ingredients!”, “EGF”, “3 types of domestic plant ingredients”. Gives skin resilience from the inside, and alleviates lines.  It also contains Vitamin C derivatives that thoroughly suppress melanin production, and mandarin orange peel extract , leaving skin clear and bright.    In addition, it contains “Photosomes®”  that use the visible rays from the sun to repair DNA.   Repairing DNA damage caused by ultraviolet rays ,  it protects the skin from photo-aging.

Features & Benefits:

  • Even repairs cells that have been damaged.  Although it is a sunscreen, experience the elasticity and resilience of the skin as you use it daily!!
  • Ultimate comfort that is gentle on the skin!