Labo Labo Super Moist Lotion

Labo Labo Super Moist Lotion 150ml


Labo Labo Super Moist Lotion with No fragrance / no colorings / no mineral oils / paraben-free. For skin that is moisturized, resilient and dewy!

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Product Description

The ingredients you want thoroughly permeate the skin for supple, elastic skin that is filled with moisture!

Thoroughly permeates the corneal layer 

This one lotion alone provides a satisfying degree of moisture.  When used with the gel, skin is left refined, with resilience and suppleness.  With its light texture, the product quickly permeates the skin, making it pliable and increasing the permeability of the skin care used after it.

Luxury beauty ingredients that add moisture, elasticity, resilience, and alleviate skin irritation

Contains ingredients that are optimal for first aging (initial signs of aging) care “5H x 5C (5 types of hyaluronic acid / 5 types of collagen) * This is the first product of its kind in Japan to simultaneously contain this many types of ingredients!”, “EGF”, “3 types of domestic plant ingredients”. “Licorice leaf extract” gives the skin resilience from the inside by promoting collagen production and promoting fibroblast proliferation, alleviating lines. In addition, it promotes ceramide production and  improves barrier functions.  Further, the skin tightening ingredient “Sesaflash” forms a ceramide network on the surface of the skin, giving the skin elasticity while tightening it.   This product contains generous amounts of various other beauty ingredients, and is a lotion with a multi-faceted approach to creating beautiful skin.