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Labo Labo Super-Keana Lotion 200ml (limited edition )

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Product Description

Tighten pores while wiping off!

Lactic acid and malic acid gently peel the skin, removing roughness and old skin that cause the pores to open while supporting the turnover of the skin.  4 types of pore refining ingredients tighten open pores, leaving skin with pores that are barely there.  By removing excess keratinized skin and softening the skin, this product increases the permeability of the gels and creams applied later, making the effects of skin care products more noticeable.

In addition, this product contains 200% hyaluronic acid / collagen (*compared to conventional products), and after wiping the product off, skin is left dewy and supple.

A refreshing cooling sensation and a subtle orange scent relax the skin.

Features & Benefits:

  • This is a wipe-off lotion that addresses all pore issues including darkened pores, blackheads, and  sagging.
  • A lotion with a refreshing finish that also moisturizes thoroughly


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