Aqua-in-Derm Dounyu Essence 100ml

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Recommendation for Dehydrated Skin

  • Those who have trouble feeling the effect of their skincare
  • Those whose skin is worn out
  • Those whose skin is stressed

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Product Description

Aqua-In-Derm Dounyu Booster, a booster essence that is a highly effective booster when ased as the First Step in skincare routines after cleansing, while also having an anti-aging effect that restore skin to it’s original beauty Dr. Ci: Labo focused on the high permeability of “Acthyderm” electroporation, a method used by cosmetic dermatologists to deliver large amounts of beauty ingredients to the depths of the skin through electric pulses and applied it to cosmetics. 

Features & Benefits:

  • By peeling dead skin cells in advance, penetrating power could be enhanced comprised by Caviar-lime.
  • By forming pathway for delivering ingredients between cells, penetrating power could be increased!
  • By delivering Nanocapsules containing stem cell extract and detoxifying ingredients, it will activate regenerating ability of epidermal stem cells and stimulate detoxification metabolism of the skin.
  • Aquaporin Surge EX will normalize water channel to form pathway for moisture or skin-beautifying ingredients
  • Free of 4 Irritants

(Fragrance-free, Mineral Oil-free, Colorant-free, Paraben-free)