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Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture EX 120g


ACG Super Moisture EX 120g

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Product Description

Featuring a truly moisturizing sensation that fulfills the needs of people who have never been satisfied by the moisturizing power of past products!

Aqua Collagen Gel Super-Moisture EX  is an All-in One gel to be used after face washing that features six functions in a single product.  We adopted a new formulation technology to draw out the features of this gel – which is the subject of continual, dedicated care – as much as possible, as well as Collagen HG Nanocapsules.  In this way, Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture-EX   has the greatest moisturizing functions in Dr.Ci:Labo’s history. We used a new formulation technology in which oil-soluble components are wrapped in highly hydrophilic gel materials (which have excellent water retention abilities).  The gel remains wet and moist, but it is significantly smoother when applied to the skin surface.

Furthermore, 120 types of skin-beautifying ingredients help create gorgeous skin by resolving skin troubles in multilateral way.  At first glance, Aqua Collagen Gel Super-Moisture EX seems like a cream, but it quickly absorbs into the skin the second it is applied, thoroughly moisturizing all parts of the skin,  It smoothens skin without feeling sticky, and is also much more compatible with makeup.  This product can also be used as mask by applying it thickly at night, which results in even greater moisture. In this way, we have created a factastic moisturizing gel that will satisfy even those who found that past gels did not moisturize sufficiently.

Fragrance -Free, Alcohol- Free, Artificial Colouring-Free, Mineral Oil Free, Paraben Free and Petroleum surfactants Free