ACG Enrich-Lift EX N15 50g


Invisible veil keeps skin lifted-up strongly!

You can get elasticity, resilience, gloss to the skin with only this one! *

This is ultimate gel combating the sign of aging!

*ACG Enrich-Lift EX has eight function as skin toner, Emulation, Serum, Eye-treatment cream, Massage cream, Facial pack, make-up base

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Product Description

NEW-IMPROVED Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX is an Aqua-Collagen-Gel exclusively for the care of sagging skin that tightens skin affected by dryness and lack of firmness with age, leaving skin firm and dramatically lifted. 

“Sagging” makes a person appear older.  Its causes are varied and include the loss of moisture and elasticity due to aging, reduced metabolism, poor circulation, lack of nutrition and oxygen to the skin, and the effects of gravity.  Dr. Ci:Labo, which has conducted years of research based on dermatological science, focused on these multiple causes.  We have developed and continued our pursuit of a single anti-aging care product that fulfills the desire for skin with “firmness”, “tightening”, and “hydration”.

The newly added [3D Fascia Band] was inspired by Ulthera, a skin-tightening therapy used at the clinic, and is an original Dr. Ci:Labo ingredient developed with a focus on the work of the “fascia”, the foundation of the skin and the source of sagging.  The pseudo fascia [3D Fascia Band], which has a three dimensional structure combining “3D collagen”, “3D hyaluronic acid”, “TC triple collagen”, utilized for the first time in Japan, “hydrolyzed elastin”, and “rye seed extract” creates an invisible veil on the surface of the skin, reviving the depleted functions of the fascia, while the use of carefully selected ingredients that firm the skin from the inside leave skin dramatically lifted.

In addition, this product utilizes “Multi-Faceted Omni-Directional Care” with our original ingredient “Gold Collagen EX”, developed and advanced using the latest nanotechnology, “Marine Pro Collagen®”, with high water retention capabilities, “AG3”, which addresses “glycation” that has a negative impact on the elasticity of the skin in three stages, and 2 types of lymph care ingredients.  Beauty ingredients that leave skin youthful have been carefully selected and used, maintaining smooth, firm skin by enhancing firmness and the density of elasticity inside the skin.

A multifunctional moisturizing gel that acts as [toner], [moisturizer], [serum], [eye cream], [cream], [massage cream], [mask], and [makeup base] while also being fragrance-free (made with natural essential oils), free of synthetic colorants, mineral oil-free, and paraben-free.  Thoroughly penetrates and tightens the skin with a non-sticky texture.  A floral scent and finish that lifts the spirits.

To deliver necessary ingredients along with plenty of water to the skin, without incorporating ingredients that stress the skin…  The development of Aqua Collagen Gel began with this desire.

Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift EX is rich in carefully selected ingredients while being free of four major irritants fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, paraben.  It is safe to use as part of your daily anti-aging routine and to combat dryness.